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God continues to expand the company! We invite you, the artist, the film maker, the business man, the minister, the lawyer -- the Believer in Christ who wants to make Him known in all facets of life, to join us. Be a part of the captivation of society through the love and grace of God by supplying your gifts, talents and strengths. We Highlight those who Highlight the Christ!


We are asking that you strengthen your Church by highlighting those who highlight the Christ.


BYOBB™ Media  wants you! Get in the game today! 
Let's consume the industry with the light of Christ! 
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“Honey, we’re having a baby!” What sweet words to the hearts of so many. “Honey, my water broke! I think it’s time!” What terrifying words to the ears of the same listener! How can one experience such cheerful anticipation mixed with such undeniable dread—all in the same breath! The answer is simple and quite explicable actually. What was intended to be a pleasure and a reward in the beginning of time became a curse by the third chapter of Genesis. Birthing Nations: Birthing and Raising Children Supernaturally provides accounts of families who birthed children pain-free and are raising them carefree. Too good to be true? Actually, no, it’s too God not to be true! Birthing Nations challenges traditional notions of childbirth. Because of the sacrifice of the cross, every curse that came through Adam’s disobedience has been reversed for those that believe. Therefore, in receiving what Jesus’s blood has done in their lives, women are freed from the past horror of the birthing experience. Walk through the pages of stories and testimonies—evidence that children can and, indeed, have been birthed pain-free and that life with them can, indeed, be carefree. Come and defy the odds with us. Birthing Nations, it’s more than a concept. It’s a life!

Birthing Nations: Birthing & Raising Children Supernaturally
A New Book From Rachael "Pivotal" Sales

​BYOBB Media is a for-profit business ministry. BYOBB™ Media features the latest Christian artists and performances, and highlights the hottest advocates for Christ in traditional and non–traditional spaces. On the web, on the television or anywhere media, BYOBB™  Media encourages the church to abandon the four walls and actually live out Jesus' commission for us to GO! Our mission has always been the captivation of the airwaves; taking over the arts & entertainment industry. We are a portal for the best in biblical programming, a home where the inventions, businesses, ideas and talents given by God are nurtured and brought into reality. As Christians, God has employed and empowered us to fulfill His business; the reconciliation of man and all things back unto Him. Therefore, we occupy every endeavor of man, in every area of life as a Kingdom charge. Come Join Us! You don't even have to leave your ministry!


We Highlight Those Who Highlight The Christ



: Our Music Production Label and Music
Mic Sykes
Individual Artists Joining Together For One Purpose, To Give Their Gift To The Lord. This is a collection of what Critics Call "An Out Of The Box Worship and Praise Experience".
A Combination Of Conscious Hip-Hop Lyrics and Beats To Make You Move. This Album Will Get You Out Your Seat And Proclaiming Jesus Is Lord! 


BYOBB Media is a teaching and traveling media ministry. Contact us to join the movement and partner as we serve our community and highlight those who highlight the Christ.


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